Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Rompiest Romp Since The Mummy

Question – what would you call a film that was part Indiana Jones, part Stephen Somers’ Mummy series, part Amélie? Before you answer, how about you add the sensibilities of both Tintin and a bunch of mid 90’s adventure games. Now, what would you call it? I don’t know – but you SHOULD call it The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec, the 2010 French Luc Besson directed live action adaptation of the Belgian comic series (what is it about Belgians that make their comics such romps?).

Within the first 10 minutes we get several characters who are barely involved in the main story, save for being eyewitnesses (hey, it’s a favourite story tool of mine), a pterodactyl that has been returned to life by a 100+ year old mystical scientist and our heroine, novelest and adventuress Adèle Blanc-Sec who is equal parts non-fan service Lara Croft, Indiana Jones and Rick O’Connell. And it gets better from there – mummies, nasty rival professors, ages old curses, yet more dinosaurs, and a sarcophagus escape (take THAT, nuclear fridge). And then, we get all the fun of a “Boy’s Own” adventure, only this time – the hero is a lady. Sure, it’s not wall to wall action and adventure, but it is fun and as charming as any French film could be.

Having never heard of the character before 3 days ago, when I read a review on Pajiba, I went in to this film with only a few words and a trailer, both of which made this film sound like a right adventurous romp. And they were right. Like I said in the first paragraph, the film combines the fun of several properties that are known for such, and manage to make a film that I had one heck of a time watching. Like I said, I am not familiar with the original comic series, so I have no idea how faithful the film adaptation it – but if it is 1/10th as good as the film, I will have to check it out.

All in all, this was fun little popcorn film and a darn good romp. In my opinion, Besson’s best since The Fifth Element.

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  1. You make this sound like my kinda movie. I love the Mummy series. I doubt I'd be able to find it over here though, wahh.