Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ten Things I Learned From: Zoolander

  • There is no problem around that a Walk Off can’t solve. Especially one that is judged by Mr David Bowie.
  • Gasoline fights never end happily. Never.
  • I don’t care who you are – gender, sexual preference, whatever – a shirtless Alexander Sarsgaard can only improve something.
  • Ben Stiller is only truly funny when his father is around, which leads me to believe that he only exists to try and impress Jerry Stiller – as we all should. Or when he directs himself.
  • For a party to truly be both spiritual and crazy, you need drugged out midgets. But then, I didn’t really learn that from this movie (it’s one of the basic tenets of life).
  • Never trust David Duchovny. Even if he is trying to help – especially if he is trying to help. And double especially if you are the one who fucked it up for him.
  • That feeling you got about Frankie from Frankie Goes To Hollywood? Totally justified – he is an evil, evil man who really does want to have various world leaders killed.
  • That Hansel – he’s so hot right now.
  • Thanks to Derrick Zoolander, I learned to read good, and do other stuff good, too. Thank you, Zoolander.


  1. What I learned from Zoolander is that sometimes, a movie can absolutely suck upon first viewing. Then you watch it again and it's, in the words of Hans Landa, Then it's Christmas Eve and you watch it again and lo and behind, it is now the greatest cinematic comedy of all times. Or up there.

    In some ways Cable Guy is similar. SOmething about Ben Still directed films that improve upon multiple viewings. Maybe it's the sort of absurdity? Or I'm a cinematic snob the first time always? Not sure what it is, but I can say now, I adore Zoolander.

  2. But but but... is there anything more to life than being really really really ridiculously good looking?