Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Theme Week - Broken Lizard; Club Dread

We continue with our Broken Lizard Week with my favourite film of theirs, and (for reasons unknown to me) a film that brings a lot of ire, primarily from people who just know them from Super Troopers. That film? Club Dread.

Working both as an affectionate parody of, and a spoof of 80’s slasher film (and we all know my feelings on good parody/spoof films and not bad “spoof” films), Club Dread takes place on Coconut Island, a party resort owned by Coconut Pete (no prizes for guessing who he is based on *cough*Jimmy Buffett*cough*). And yes, it is a nonstop party – unfortunately, there is a psycho running about, killing off everyone and generally making a right ol’ mess of things. Who is it and can they be stopped before they off everyone? Well, if I answer any of that, then I’ll be spoiling things, won’t I?

Once again, the boys come off looking as though they are a professional team (and by this point, they really are) who are capable of making a great film. As I mentioned in my Super Troopers review, the guys don’t subscribe to “one guy, one style” in their roles, as Kevin Heffernan (who played a complete jerk in that film) was given the role of the hero and carries it off beautifully. And, as per always, they pull in some big names including Bill Paxton who is frikkin’ hilarious as Coconut Pete.

Yes, this is flat out comedy, but with a few minor scares – however, if you grew up on 80’s slasher films (as the BL team did), you can pretty much know what to expect and it’s all done with a sense of respect for the source material that will leave you feeling as though you have seen a decent and funny film.

I know this review was a heck of a lot shorter than others, but really, I don’t know what else to say – if you like 80’s slasher films, see this. If you like other Broken Lizard films, see this.

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