Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 Things I Learned From: Revenge Of The Nerds

  •  Noone cares that the pies you are selling are little more than an inch of spray whipped cream if you give them surprise tits.
  •  Homosexuals care not for aerodynamics. As long as something is bendy enough, they’ll find a way to make it fly.
  • Even the ugly, nerdy and fat want to join the Greek system, regardless of how much psychological torture the rest of said system put them through.
  • Sorority chicks are apparently so horned up that they are unable to recognise that the man they thought was their boyfriend is several inches shorter and at least 50 pounds scrawnier.
  • It’s apparently not rape if you are good at sex. In fact, she’ll be so grateful that you will be her new boyfriend.
  • Contrary to popular belief, John Goodman was once a right royal asshole.
  • The plight of the nerd in 80’s college is exactly the same as the plight of the African-American.
  • The nerdier you are, the more skill you have at putting on a killer musical performance.
  • It used to be really, really difficult to see ladies in various states of undress. It took a team of 6 men to do then, what it takes a webcam and a few minutes to do now. GO SCIENCE! (™, Tripod)


  1. Imagine where Timothy Busfield would be if he wasn't in this movie.

    Wait, he'd still be Timothy Busfield.

  2. Ah, Revenge of the Nerds. The film that legitimized the nerd as a minority and therefore owed reparations at any cost.