Thursday, April 14, 2011

Theme Week - Broken Lizard; The Slammin' Salmon

We come, now, to the Broken Lizard boys’ most recent film – The Slammin’ Salmon. And, unlike the previous three, it is a film that I have (as of writing this review) only seen the once, however I did enjoy it enough that I will no doubt be watching it again at some point.

Set over one night at The Slammin’ Salmon, a restaurant owned by ex world champion boxer “Slammin” Cleon Salmon, the film deals with the wait staff as they deal with obnoxious customers, each other and Cleon’s debts to the Yakuza. He owes the Yakuza head $20,000 and so challenges his staff to come up with the money over one night, with the highest seller getting $10k and the lowest getting beat up by him. Over the night, the team have to contend with an uppity singer and her entourage, a celebrity couple and a disappearing engagement ring and the fact that they keep sabotaging each other to try and win that $10 grand. Who wins? You’ll find out.

As per the other films, the guys once again switch it up with some pretty good results, although Kevin Heffernan gets to play the hero at the end, Paul Soter also gets to run with the role (well, one of his roles is, the other is a total asshole). And, as per always, the manage to pull in a few big names – Colbie Smulders, Vivica A Fox, Lance Henriksen, Morgan Fairchild and Michael Clarke Duncan (who is just having a hell of a time as Salmon himself) amongst others get to work alongside the team. And much like every other film, they are more than willing to get as silly as the guys, and that is what makes it all work.

If you are a fan of Waiting, Office Space, Clerks or really any “customer service” film, you’ll get something out of The Slammin’ Salmon. And if you like well done comedy, you’ll definitely get something out of The Slammin’ Salmon.

As I said, I have only seen this film the once, but I will be watching it again.

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